Gideon Gratsiani Foreclosure Expert

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Gideon Gratsiani, The Foreclosure and Auction expert at CRE-Pro, LLC is a real estate investor with proven expertise in identifying, evaluating and acquiring high-quality real estate assets of over 20 years. He had been a former member of the Israeli Defense Force before his friend introduced him to Real Estate 20 years ago in United States. He first landed in the U.S. as an emissary for the Jewish faith. He began his career mainly with residential real estate. Over that time, Gideon has refined his approach to screening and qualifying potential acquisition targets, and diverged into focusing mainly on commercial real estate. After being in residential real estate for over 15 years, he has been focusing on commercial real estate for the past 8 years. Gideon began his real estate career acquiring residential homes in Iowa and later Florida, where he purchased 600 residential homes, and multifamily properties, 400-second mortgages, and 24 commercial properties. He has full knowledge of the foreclosure process and legal procedures and ability to identify, evaluate, and navigate complex auction processes which has earned his reputation as America’s top auction real estate investor. As the founder of CRE: PRO, based out of Miami, Florida, he has an exceptional and distinctive approach to finding and financing undervalued properties across the country. These properties vary from commercial re-development projects to shopping malls, office spaces, and multi-family residential developments. Gideon is well versed and knowledgeable in the foreclosure auction field.

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